Frieda, Diego, and Suerta

The very tortie Frieda, her ginger play pal Diego, and a portrait of Suertita were all created with my friends Joe and Kelly’s home in mind. Kelly is an extraordinary painter (as is Joe) whose abstracts liven up their Chapel Hill home. I took bits from Kelly’s work to use as background for their gorgeous felines, and I’m delighted with the results.

Suerta is sadly no longer with us, but Diego and Frieda are, and they are so funny and brilliant. I loved working with them!

Ten Tiny Davids: I Cover Bowie Albums

Just finished what might be my favorite commission ever: ten 2 inch by 2 inch “covers”of David Bowie’s iconic albums. I could have done twenty. Bowie has so many brilliant albums, and his aesthetic and artistry extended (sometimes notoriously) to his packaging. Someday, I hope to do ten more portraits, perhaps inspired by Bowie’s museum show costumes, or films, or videos. “Ziggy Stardust,” “Blue Jean,” his drag looks from “Boys Keep Swinging” — so much to choose from! (Thank you KD Lay)IMG_0079.JPG

Will and Jack (unfinished)

I got an email a few days ago saying that Jack is going home to wherever we go when we leave our bodies. I’m incredibly grateful to have been a part of Jack’s final months, and to have gotten a chance to say goodbye. I’ll post the finished picture when it’s appropriate.

Will and Jack web
Will and Jack, acrylic and prismacolor, 22″ x 10″ vellum

One-Eyed Bonnie

Bonnie is a one of those generally human-shy cats who has a deep affection for her roommate Ann. Ann is 80+ years old and has had many cats–in fact she has three now. This portrait of Bonnie among the magnolia blossoms was commissioned by her daughter. “I don’t know how we’re going to get a picture of her!” she worried, “she’s not really a people cat! But she loves Mom. They’re two of a kind.” Ann agreed, “Bonnie likes things her own way. Just like me,” she said, with no little mischief.

I lay on the floor in Ann’s bedroom and took pictures of Bonnie, who was under the bed. She wasn’t afraid. She posed for me. We had a sweet time and I feel pretty confident Bonnie would be okay with this picture. By the way, you never ask a lady how she lost her eye. You just admire her pluck and her beauty.

bonnie for ppbs

Tiny Valentine Invitation

I invite you, dear animal lover, to get your portrait on, tiny-size. I’m drawing/painting 2 inch x 2 inch portraits so you can gift them to your favorite human! I’ll post more examples of some I just completed soon, after I make sure their recipients won’t see them before Feb. 14th. Contact me at and we’ll find a good face to draw for you or your sweetheart, bff, beloved, parent, or pussycat. $75 or 3 for $180. They come artfully packaged, mailed to yours for Valentine’s!


Rosalita, Jump a Little Higher

Rosie left this world recently. I had posted this picture on Facebook; a young man recognized her. “Is that Rosie?!” “Yes!” I was impressed she was identified. When I delivered the drawing to her human companion, Lesleigh, at her amazing and chic consignment store, The Stock Exchange, she said yes, that James knew it was Rosie because he’d had an intense love/hate relationship with her.

You can tell Rosalita might have had a bit of diva in her. I love that. God bless dogs, and God bless chihuahuas. Good night Rosie.


A Bearded Baby…Lizard

Well lay me down on a sunlit rock! I was finally given the opportunity to work with a non-mammalian creature! Clearly the Gods of Cats and Dogs heard my plea! Don’t get me wrong: I live to draw cats and dogs. But I was itching to create something without…fur, for one.

Ancalagon–or Flapjack, as s/he is affectionately known–is the very first pet my client’s partner ever had. She told me, “he loves that little guy! I want to give him a baby picture, one that shows his little nub fingers where his siblings bit them off!”

Well, kids will be kids I guess…Anyhoo, thanks for the chance to draw/paint this fantastic being, for two fantastic (mammal) beings. Here Ancalagon is, on the moonscape/desert imaginarium of the bed sheets.

(8 x 10 Prismacolor pencils and acrylic paint on Bristol)FullSizeRender_1